Market Entry & Business Establishment

One-stop shop for foreign companies entering the Russian market.

Operational management

The local “plug-and-play office” for all operational activities in Russia and the CIS.

Commercial management

Platform to sustainable sales and continuously expanding network of reliable partners.

Organizational & HR management

Improved performance, motivated staff and optimized business processes.

About us

We’ve been in Russia now for 25 years. And the reason for that is that we are the best in what we do. The lucky companies – those who start their entry path to Russia with us – do not need to worry about anything but the quality of their market offering, while enjoying the one-stop-shop 24/7 professional support. The rest come to us when the problems start. Inevitably we find the way to solve each problem. .

Want to experience a smooth way to enter and/or grow your business in Russia? Learn more about our services, read our references, or just contact us

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Our Mission

"What we’re about at Lighthouse Management is creating comfort, clarity and control for international businesses in Russia. We believe that with dedication, determination and dependability we can help Russian and Western businesses to progress, profit and essentially make this world a better place. We do that in big and small ways by using our accumulated experience and capacities in those situations where our clients require additional support for their success in Russia."

– Jeroen Ketting


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