Expanded Manufacturer Liability, Russia step-up towards a healthier environment

Another update in the Russian legislation primarily concerns manufacturers. As you might have heard, many companies this year have fallen within the scope of new regulations stipulated by the initiative of Expanded Manufacturer Liability. It implies that both domestic manufacturers and importers will have to ensure the disposal of packaging waste that comes along with their goods.

In an attempt to promote eco-friendly packaging, Russia is offering companies the following three options to process their waste:
  • to pay environmental taxes intended to cover recycling costs;
  • to find a partner in charge of waste recycling;
  • to process the waste internally.
Indeed, the move towards obligatory processing of waste presupposes additional expenses for producers. However, to mitigate the financial burden, Russia’s authorities are fostering economic measures to encourage companies to embrace recycled wrapping.
Expanded Manufacturer Liability

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