Multiple Entry and Residence Permit for Highly Qualified Specialists: It’s high time to apply!

Coronavirus keeps on taking its toll on all of us, encouraging governments to embrace measures that would bring relief to people who experience hardships from border closures the most. This past month, in particular, has been marked by favourable changes with regard to Highly Qualified Specialists in Russia. 

Repeated requests from NGOs and professional associations have induced Russian authorities to sign an order authorizing Highly Qualified Specialists working in Russia to enter the country multiple times amid the pandemic (provided that the Specialist is included in the list of those entitled to cross the border). 

Apart from that, Highly Qualified Specialists holding a valid work permit are now welcome to apply for Russian residence permit, which can substantially simplify traveling to Russia – both for themselves and for their family members. Once obtained, residence permit guarantees its holders a possibility to enter Russia anytime bypassing border crossing lists and liberates them from undergoing a 14-day quarantine upon arrival.  

Multiple Entry and Residence Permit

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