What you get

  • Tried and tested multilingual team that has
    • Strong proactive management, communication and negotiation skills
    • Experience in working accurately with regular reporting and problem-solving attitude
    • Fluent English with full understanding of Western and Russian business cultures
    • Extensive relevant experience gained through Lighthouse projects
  • Transparency, flexibility, cost effectiveness and control
  • A network of proven and trusted service providers under our management
  • Full access to Lighthouse information databases and network at any moment
  • Experience and knowledge of Lighthouse Partners
  • Insights on doing business in Russia gained from 22 years of experience
  • Stable growth of local knowledge and business network in Russia

Why Lighthouse?

  • We know the way to your customer
  • We know local business practice, etiquette and customs
  • We know the unwritten rules of the Russian reality
  • We know how and where to acquire accurate information on the Russian market
  • We have thrived in Russia during all the ups and downs of the last two decades
  • We give access to our experience and network based on over two decades of helping over 1400 companies. 
  • Immediate responsiveness, 24/7 availability and full dedication.
  • Our team consists of professional you would want to hire yourself.

The way we work

  • We begin after conducting one complementary introductory visit or phone/video call. During this call we discuss the challenges of the Client, determine the scope of work, and the outcomes we expect to achieve
  • We are just as comfortable initiating, leading and implementing processes as we are in supporting Clients in their processes
  • We usually work on a long-term basis with our Clients but also execute short-term / ad-hoc assignments
  • We discuss and plan the upcoming tasks with the Client and evaluate the results on a regular basis
  • Together with the client we budget the costs in advance and provide detailed reports on the cost incurred​
  • We charge the time spent working for the Client and we can work from as little as 1 hour a month to as much as is needed

Next Steps

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