What will you get?​

  • professional experience of working with people in a multi-cultural company
  • knowledge about different market segments
  • the freedom to take on more personal responsibilities than in a large corporate firm
  • the opportunity to work on a large variety of tasks, which will keep your internship dynamic and interesting
  • the space to grow and enhance your soft skills (communicating, organizing, negotiating, working in a team, presenting information) and hard skills (website development, business development, marketing and e-commerce, Russian language).
  • the chance to broaden your network in Russia and elsewhere

We are looking for people​

  • that are motivated and looking to learn and grow
  • that are positive and have a problem-solving attitude
  • that are good communicators and able to effectively work within a team
  • that can work independently on certain tasks
  • that are proficient in English both written and oral
  • who have sufficient knowledge about social media strategies, analytics (data analysis), and online marketing

At the moment, we do not have any open vacancies, but we are always open to new talent. Interested in working for us? Send an email with your motivation and CV to

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