General and Supervisory Management

The Russian market still shows substantial potential but the bureaucratic hurdles to doing business in Russia are increasing as practice shows in recent years. To better help our clients to deal with these bureaucratic hurdles Lighthouse offers Directorship services. Any legal entity in Russia should have either a nominal director or a full time General Director. The nominal director performs the duties needed to fulfil the minimal legal requirements to doing business in Russia. On the other end of the spectrum, the General Director takes care of the day-to-day business on a full-time basis.


  1. Supervisory management (Giving you maximum control, transparency and continuity of your operations in Russia)
  1. Trouble shooting (Giving you implemented solutions to ad hoc and structural challenges, barriers and problems)
  2. Change management (Prepare and implement the changes within their organization and make sure that the implemented changes lead to improved performance and desired outputs).
  1. Performance Boost (Improving business performance)

What you get

  1. Access to profound experience in cross-cultural business relations
  2. Solutions on the continuity of business operations in Russia
  3. 24/7 tailored support and top-level guidance in doing business in Russia;
  4. Effective communication and management of the Russian operations
  5. Management and control of service providers, business partners and key accounts

Our Approach

  1. We ensure compliancy with the legal requirements of the Russian Federation
  2. We take an active role in advising on and guiding in doing business in Russia;
  3. We provide continuous feedback to HQ on legal, HR and business issues;
  4. We maintains contacts with service providers, network partners and key accounts (on request of the client);
  5. We Fulfil the role of a “supervisory board member” ensuring effective communication and management of the Russian operations

Next Steps for Our Clients

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