Mission and Vision​




On the company level

Furthering Russian – Western understanding in business and in human interaction. We understand we have a responsibility to contribute positively to this purpose. 

We perform at the best of our abilities. We push our borders and limitations. At the first appearance of routine behavior we pause and question.

We function with a holistic respect for people and society.

On the employee level

Every working day has to be defined by purpose. The day we can’t explain the purpose of what we do we pause and question.

Growth takes place outside of our current limits. Growth is needed for performance. We respect our maximum efforts and we understand that from time to time we fail. But we never fail in the same way twice.

We respect each other. We see and seek the best in each other and we take responsibility for the fact that our thoughts, actions and projected energy influences others. We motivate each other explicitly and implicitly and we understand that people also fail.

Towards our clients 

We only mobilize on the client’s behalf when we fully understand the purpose of our actions and the ensuing added value for the client.  

Our client is our guest in Russia. We are the client’s host in Russia. Our primary concern is our client’s wellbeing in Russia. We understand that this sometimes means we need to take control of a process but sometimes it may also mean we need to step back and give the client space.

We practice respect for our clients. This means first of all that we make an effort to understand our client as a person and as a professional. Secondly this means that we always put ourselves in the client’s position. We help the client better than how we would help ourselves.

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