Operational Management and Business Research

Operational Management is designed for foreign companies that do not have a sufficient local presence to sustain their activities on the Russian market. The service is designed as an alternative to having a local office in Russia and focuses on solving various ad hoc tasks.

Operational management covers matters such as: communication with Russian partners, support in working with local service providers (e.g. legal and accounting), business intelligence, supervision and management of local operations, staffing solutions, secretarial and admin support, participation at trade shows and conferences.


  1. Business presence creation (Giving you flexible staffing solutions, desk space, temporary or permanent legal entity)
  2. Administrative support (Giving you admin support and compliance with Russian administrative requirements)
  3. Communication with Russian partners (Finding a common language)
  4. Working with local service providers (Effectively managing your Russian service providers)
  5. Operational support  (Giving you brains, hands and feet to execute and implement)

What you get

  1. Tried and tested multilingual team that has:
    1. Strong proactive management, communication and negotiation skills
    2. Experience in working accurately with regular reporting and problem-solving attitude
    3. Fluent English with full understanding of Western and Russian business cultures
    4. Extensive relevant experience gained through Lighthouse projects
  2. Transparency, flexibility, cost effectiveness and control
  3. A network of proven and trusted service providers under our management
  4. Full access to Lighthouse information databases and network at any moment
  5. Experience and knowledge of Lighthouse Partners
  6. Insights on doing business in Russia gained from 22 years of experience
  7. Stable growth of local knowledge and business network in Russia

Our Approach

  1. Intake meeting: Intake meeting to understand the specifics of your business and the goals on the Russian market
  2. Consultant(s) selection: Lighthouse delegates 1-3 Consultants to act on your behalf and solve any challenges that you face on the Russian market
  3. Briefing: Our Consultants are briefed by you to ensure we take into account all the specifics of your business
  4. Execution: The Consultants execute the tasks under constant guidance and supervision of Lighthouse Partners
  5. Reporting: You receive regular and transparent reporting of our activities, feedback and achieved results. You are involved in the process when needed

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